Day 01. Favorite character? Hermione Granger

When I first sat down to read Harry Potter when I was child I quickly saw how much I related to Hermione. It wasn’t because she was the only girl in the trio, or because she was a star.. it was her personality. At last there was a character that got it, that got me. I saw a lot of myself reflected in Hermione, her quite emotions, her need to know everything and put studies first, her book-smarts yet bossy and dutiful nature… It was like.. I was in the story in Hermione’s eyes.

In a world with teasing children who picked on me for being quite and bookish, reading this character as we both grew and developed over time helped me come to terms with my personality. That yes, I am all these things that Hermione seems to be, and that’s a good thing because Hermione is the same and she is strong and wonderful. Me finding this character was a blessing, because it’s a reminder that we can all be strong and wonderful only if we don’t allow people to put us down for being who we are.

Hermione will always be my favorite character.