Day 11. Favorite Vampire? Drusilla

Alright, I don’t want to use Spike again so I thought I’ll show some love for my second favorite vampire — which is Drusilla. Drusilla waltzed into the Buffyverse the same time Spike was, during the episode “School Hard.” When you first meet Drusilla you notice that she is quite insane and weak from some unknown sickness, and later you learn that she also has the power to see the future, hypnotise, read auras, and is telepathic.

Though she is weak, she uses her homicidally insane mind and her power to see the future to hatch evil schemes with her boyfriend Spike that involved either killing the Slayer or ending the world. Her insane mind and viciousness even intimidated other vampires and demons as she was seen as unpredictable to them.

Though having no regard for the lives of humans and demons Dru somehow felt a connection to nature and animals, she always was trying to make flowers grow or keep things as pets. Drusilla was seen having a pet bird that died because she forgot to feed it, and she mentioned trying to grow daisies but they to also died (probably because she forgot to water them).

Later, when Drusilla’s health is revived by the blood of her Sire (Angel) - you eventually learn the back story of Dru. It is revealed that while Angel was in a confession booth eating a priest, Drusilla comes in to make a confession. You see, Dru was carrying a burden, the burden of being able to see bits and pieces of the future. She tried to confide in her family but they became frightened of her, said that only God is meant to see what happens next and accused her of being possessed. Upon hearing this Angel’s eyes lit up, he felt a girl who could see the future would make a great vampire, they could team up and wreak havoc together. He also saw how pure and good she was and he wouldn’t rest until he took the goodness out of her.

So it was settled, Drusilla is to become a vampire, but first… Angel wanted to have a bit of fun with her. He made her watch as he killed off her entire family, drove her insane and when she fled to a nunnery to join the Sisters of Mercy he massacred the nuns there right in front of her and turned her into a vampire dooming her to live for centuries with a widely insane mind. Drusilla was once a person who just wanted to live the life of a normal Christian girl in the 1800’s, but instead had all that she was ripped from her and turned into an vampire that was responsible for countless massacres.

Here is my favorite Drusilla quotes:

"Didn’t like that barkeeper. Can’t get his eyes off my fingers"

"We were in Paris…you had a branding iron…and there were worms in my baguette"

"Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch"

"You know what I miss? Leeches."

"What a lovely house you have sweet Willy. Smells of daffodils. And evisera."